Now is the time...

After a solid fall harvest it is important to realize that good yields reduce many of the micronutrients in the soil and it is a good time to test for levels calcium, magnesium and sulfate. Before you start your late fall or early winter field work, take time to evaluate your micronutrient needs. MK Hi Cal Lime and MK Gypsum can be blended with all dry fertilizers and applied at the same time. Save time and money and improve your soil health this fall all in one operation.

Lawn & Garden.

Fall is the time to focus on your yard. Apply Hi-Calcium Limestone or Gypsum to give your newly planted or over-seeded yard the calcium it needs to develop strong roots. Our products go to work as soon as they are watered in and will give your grass the boost in nutrients it needs to get it off to the right start.

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